October 6, 2014 David Hamlin

Octobers update on the 1969 MGB-GT

So far we have been making good progress on the MGB-GT. We received the MGB-GT back from the media blaster removed and installed new left and right floor pans into the car. Fabricated several small patch panels throughout the car. Sanded the car with 180 grit, performed some minor body filler work. Actually the body on this car is in excellent condition and did not require a lot of work.

Exterior rear shot of the car after getting it back from the media blaster.

Left and right floor pans after they were removed.

New front cross member installed.

Weld through primer applied around the floor pan edge and top floor pan braces

New sheet metal patch panel fabricated and welding into to the battery box surround.

New floor pans install, welds ground, floors scuffed for adhesion and master series master coat applied to both interior side of floor pan and the underside.

Hood and deck lid have been removed.

Rubberized undercoating has been applied to both the front wheel well housings, back sides of the fenders, and the bottom of the new floor pans.


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