October 5, 2015 David Hamlin

MGB under carriage complete.

Jason completed the udercarriage of the 1963 MG MGB today. Another hurtle behind us. After replacing both left and right jacking ponts with new sheet metal, for a profesional, clean, long term repair. A moisture cure urethane primer was applied to the entire undercattiage. This type of products creates a moisture and air tight bond with the sheet metal. Once cured we applied red tinted monsterliner, so that the undercarriage is the same color as we are going to paint for the rest of the car. We had stopped there and waited for the customers approval. Evan though the undercarriage looked very presentable, the owner of the car pick out several areas were the monsterliner was thin, and realy not up to his liking. No problem.. but we had used a full gallon of the monsterliner to cover the entire undercariage. We purchased another two quarts for touch up. The fist quart was used for touchup. Once the monaterliner was tack free, we shot a mist coat of body color over the monsterliner, this way we know beyond a shadow of a doudt that the color of the undercariage is exact to the rest of the body. The final step was to shot a coat of clear coat, now the undercarriage is the same color and sheen.





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