December 11, 2015 David Hamlin

MGB restoration, 7 months into a 3 month project 12-11-2015

For the past week I have been getting up at 5a.m. for the purpose of working on these videos for youtube. Glory Days Automotive Restoration has documented the restoration of this 1963 MG MGB roadster in great detail. In the beginning the customer expressed that his desires for his car, was for it to have no ripples, no waves, and no orange peel. His desire is for a near perfect paint finish, and that is our goal. Throughout the entire course of this project the customer has been adamant about the fact that the sheet metal work was done, the body work was done or at least was very close. In fact the car already had primer on it. In our original conversations it was discussed that we would start our process by block sanding the car with a 180 grit sand paper, continuing the work others had done prior to us. Unfortunately from the very first day we started working on this car. We have had to take steps backwards to rework many of the previous repairs that have been performed on this car. The purpose of this videos series is to show the viewers the amount of work that had to go into this car in order for Glory Days Automotive Restoration to deliver the laser straight finish the customer desires.


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