1977 Corvette 350 H.O. TKO 500 5 speed conversion.

1977 Corvette 350 H.O. TKO 500 5 speed conversion.
I have personally have been working on cars since the age of 17, I am now 45. Since than I have dreamt of doing a conversion very similar to this on a second generation Camaro. But to be quite honest, I did not realize just how much time and money actually go into a car when  converting a classic car with a modern drivetrain. When  we first took delivery of this 1977 Corvette. I was under the assumption that this was going to be an simple engine swap / five speed install and the car would be in and out of our shop in just a couple weeks…….
I WAS WRONG!!!! So please continue reading, I will explain in detail what is actually involved in performing a drivetrain conversion similar to this and the complications that you might experience. 
First it is important to realize the scope of this project…. The project car is a 1977 Corvette 350 v8 with turbo 350 automatic transmission. The customer purchased a GM 350 H.O. turn key engine from Jegs, part number 19210009. A Tremec TKO 500 5 speed manual transmission, part number TCET4616, and an Profit TKO installation kit, part number PFGM-20008 from American Powertrain. Giving us an opportunity to transform this tired Corvette  into the car it was meant to be. 
1977 Corvette 350 H.O. TKO 500 5 speed conversion 1project 1977 Corvette
350 HO Crate Engines 2
GM 350 H.O. turn key engine kit part #19210009. 330hp 380tq
350 HO Crate Engines 3
American Powertrain TKO 500 with Profit installation kit. Part numbers PFGM-20008 and TCET4616.

Day 1:
Here at Glory Days Automotive Restoration I firmly believe in keeping a note book and taking notes as you go through a major project. Taking pictures before you get started is also a very smart idea. In fact taking photographs through out the entire project is a great idea. I am certain that you have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Trust me when I say that you can never take to many photographs as a reminder. The picture you did not take is the picture you are going to need.
The first thing when we received the Corvette, was to pressure wash the car. This gives us a clean vehicle to work on. While allow the car to dry in front of the shop. We set up a table and laid out all of the parts in a nice neat orderly fashion. Making certain you have everything you need before you get started is another important tip. Having to stop working to look for a tool is a serious waste of time.

when performing any major projects on a vehicle it is always intelligent to disconnect the battery before you get started.

350 HO Crate Engines 4

Sunday morning relaxing

As I sit on my couch surfing the internet this Sunday morning watching videos on YouTube and Petrolicious. Before I finally feel motivated enough to go work on the remodeling of our upstairs bathroom. I came across a truly amazing father son story and found it necessary to pass it on and story with you. If you are an automotive enthusiast and have never watched the short heart felt films over at Petrolicious. You definitely need to check out their website and subscribe.


Project 1964 Impala SS February 25th, 2015

Here is another short video featuring Mikes 1964 Impala SS, now we have the doors fenders painted and mounted on the car. I will finish painting the hood, deck lid and steering column sometime next week. With car show season coming up I am working crazy hours in order to finish a few different projects here in the shop. Thanks for watching

Sorry Mike…

I was told that I was sleep the other day by the owner of the 1964 Impala… I have not been updating the blog as often as I would like. Since May I have been a great deal busier. Which is a good thing but finding the time to shoot & edit videos, write blog posting is getting more difficult.

So here are several photographs of the progress that we have been making on Mikes car. The first twenty photo’s were taken on June 24th Plus at the bottom of this posting I will put some link to videos featuring Mike’s 1964 Impala.

This interior shot is of the old rear floor pan section looking into the trunk.

Cole was working on drilling out a couple hundred spot weld around the entire perimeter of the old floor pan.

 When replacing a complete floor pan in an automobile it is a good idea to be extremely cuatious. We  did not want to take any chances of the body of the car twisting or flexing. So several brace were added to the shell to help keep everything in place.


Looking into the interior through the left door.

 The Impala sitting in our roller hoop, with the new replacement one piece floor pan behind the car.

With the car rolled onto its side, showing the axle tunnel, behind the old floor pan.

Right rear body mount prior to being repaired.

 This photo is of the seam under / behind the rear seat after the new floor pan has been installed.

This is the driver side body mount located in the left rear wheel well.

Jaguar Heritage buys 543-car James Hull collection | Hemmings Daily

Jaguar Heritage buys 543-car James Hull collection | Hemmings Daily

I would like to congratulate Jaguar for the purchase of this amazing collection. Please follow the link, enjoy the article, and laugh at some the comments.

30th anniversary HPAC “Mopar Family Reunion” show and swap.

Heather and I drove up to Olathe, KS on Saturday June 7th 2014. Unfortunately it started raining just a few miles from our destination. Because of the forecast of rain, only the most die hard individuals who did not mind having to dry off their cars showed up for the event. To be honest it probably only rained a total of five minutes, just long enough to make everything wet. Making car owners scurry for the chamois to dry their cars off as quickly as possible. Click on the title or on read more to view photos.

Amazing Rust Removal YOU SHOULD SEE ! RUSTYCO easy rust remover

Owning an automotive restoration business I am always looking for new products or different methods for removing or neutralizing rust and corrosion. We are currently working on car that range from 38 to 65 years of age. A couple of these project are composed of corrosion and require sand blasting the body. Many of the small part of the vehicles will also be media blasted, but for ease of use I have no problem soaking parts in an environmentally friendly solution to do the work for me. This can save me time while I am working on other project here in the shop. I have tried other products similar to rustyco, but I am always willing to try new products and maybe this means a rust removal head to head.

Roy and Sedgwick both stopped in on Saturday march 29th to show off the car with it’s 22″ rims, billet grill, red calipers, red drums, and red Monte Carlo script. Initially I was not certain of how the combination but of vivid blue and red were going to work, but I have to say that I like.

News paper article, june 24, 2013

By Ashley Bergner Newton Kansan
June 24. 2013 12:25PM

Glory days

David Hamlin works on a vehicle at his shop, Glory Days Automotive Restoration, in Newton. Hamlin restores classic and antique vehicles of all makes and models. Photos by Ashley Bergner/Newton Kansan
David Hamlin works on a vehicle at his shop, Glory Days Automotive Restoration, in Newton. Hamlin restores classic and antique vehicles of all makes and models. Photos by Ashley Bergner/Newton Kansan

When cars first pull into David Hamlin’s shop in Newton, they usually don’t look very good. Parts may be missing, the metal is rusty, and the vehicles may or may not run.
However, Hamlin looks at these cars as diamonds in the rough, and by the time he’s done with the restoration process, the cars are gleaming with a fresh coat of paint and the engines are humming again.
Hamlin has turned his long-time interest in cars into a business called Glory Days Automotive Restoration — where he brings old cars back to life. He restores classic and antique cars of all makes and models.
“I guess it’s just in my blood,” he said of his love for cars. “My father is very big into cars. His whole family is. I grew up going to car shows, to drag races. That’s basically where my passion came from.”
Hamlin went to school to become an automotive mechanic in 1994 and then spent four years in the U.S. Army. He went to work in the body shop at Premier Motor Sports in Kansas City, then went through McPherson College’s automotive restoration program.
He opened up Glory Days Automotive Restoration about a month ago and has enjoyed owning his own business.
“If I wanted to stay in the industry, and do what I love, it was time to open up our own business,” he said.
He said automotive restoration felt like the right fit for him. He said with mechanics, there’s more pressure to get projects done quickly and move onto the next one. Automotive restoration is, by nature, a slower process.
“I’m more of a perfectionist,” he said. “I like to do things the right way. … I believe that the quality of our work is in the details.”
The auto restoration process is both time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it’s not uncommon to take six months to a year to restore a car. When a vehicle first comes in, Hamlin evaluates the car’s condition and then schedules a consultation with the customer. The vehicle is disassembled and restored “from the ground up,” starting with the frame and then progressing to body work and rust repair.
Although sometimes the projects present challenges, Hamlin said the highlight of his job is watching the fully-restored cars drive out of the shop and the happy smiles on customers’ faces.
He thinks people continue to have an enthusiasm for classic cars because they are a part of history. They take people back to their childhood or youth.
“It brings back some fond memories,” Hamlin said.
Glory Days Automotive Restoration is at 1915 W. First St. in Newton. It is open to the public every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but Hamlin can schedule other hours to meet with a customer. For more information, call 251-2157.

2000 HP Maximus, “Best Car of SEMA.” Dodge Charger. Nelson Supercars. …

 I have just fallen in love with this car, the level of craftsmanship is amazing!! If you are the type of person who enjoys seeing the finest in sheet metal work. This is it. I am going to have to do more research on this car. I will have more photos and information in later postings.

Missing upstate NY.

Damm it, every year I always miss the Lime rock park historical festival (one of my least favorite reasons for living in Kansas ) but this year they are having some amazing guests. Thirty two cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection plus Sir Stirling Moss and his wife Lady Susie Moss will be in attendance. http://limerock.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=707%3Aguess-who-s-coming-to-the-historic-festival&catid=25%3Alatest-news&Itemid=55

After posting the video featuring Ricardo HyBoost, I did a quick search on the internet and found this article http://www.motor.com/newsletters/20121110/WebFiles/ID2_HyBoost.html ….I am very interested in restoring a classic British sports car and installing a modern four or six cylinder drivetrain into it. It’s just different spin on resto-modding.

Ricardo HyBoost – Jay Leno’s Garage

Here’s an interesting video from Jay Leno’s Garage demonstrating the Ricardo HyBoost. Everything that is discussed in the video is actually technology we have available to us right now. But when combining these technologies they improved the fuel economy of the 2009 Ford Focus they were driving by 47%. Being that I restored antique cars for a living I want to place a three cylinder ecoboost engine into an MG Midget. The old midget only had 56hp when new, were the new 1 liter, three cylinder ecoboost engine has 126hp. That is a huge improvement in power and fuel economy, when the vehicle your talking about only weights about 1600 pounds..

Targa Florio: The Greatest Race Of Them All – XCAR

I am extremely interested in vintage racing. So for me youtube is an awesome resource for not only being able to watch short documentaries like this one but also actual race footage of some of the most famous race held in the world….I’m going to see what else I can find.

I just got schooled!!!!

Earlier I did a post about renting out my paint booth. Being that my paint booth is almost new, and this was the first time I have rented it out. I was very fortunate, Roy and I are becoming very good friends.  From an automotive restoration stand point it is truly amazing to witness how quickly a person with production shop experience can perform what I would consider a driver level color change…

This is going to sound funny to most people. But, for me this was almost life changing. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to incorporate a driver level color change paint job into my services. What is going to be included? What items are going to be extra charge?  How much does it cost?

I have performed several show quality color changes over the years, and to be honest, I prefer doing show quality work. But in the last year that I have been self employed all of the phone calls I have received have been from people shopping around for the cheapest paint job possible. I really do not want to do cheap. In my mind cheap equals crap. That is not how I want my business to be know.

Question to you the reader…How much do you think it would cost to change the color on this car? Please keep in mind this car was silver, same as the rims



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