Be careful, sometimes you get what you pay for.

I wanted to post this video that I edited this morning, here on the blog. In the video we show two of the vehicles here in the shop and the quality of the work do to them in the past. One of the biggest set backs when restoring an automobile can be the previous work that was performed on the cars by other businesses, or other people. In both cases the automobiles in this video were manufactured in the 1960’s. They are both European, and to my knowledge they are both from Kansas.  But they both lived very different lives outside of that.

The first is a 1968 Porsche 911 that was never taken care the way a Porsche should have been . This Porsche started life Slate gray in color. Then for unknown reasons I would guess either rust problems or a front end collision. The car underwent the first of three complete color changes. With no proper repair to the body, only cosmetic work to make the appearance of the car look fresh and new. This is what I like to call shining up a turd.

The second car, a 1963 MGB roadster led a very different life. It has been lovingly cared for by its owner since 1982. In fact although I would say this is the first time the car is being restored. The car does show sign of having sheet metal work done before. As you will see in the video. As you watch this video ask your self would you be happy with the performed on either of these car. Please leave us a comment and please be careful when having work done on your classic or antique auto. Sometime you get what you pay for.


I wish that I had driven one of these 20 years ago….super fun.

Heather and I had a really enjoyable Saturday this past weekend. We left the house at 8a.m. and drove up to Shawnee Mission, Kansas to purchase a 1974 Porsche 914. But that was not all, it has become a ritual that when in the Kansas City area we like eating at a sushi restaurant called Stix, located at the legends plaza. Its’ a great way to spend $85 on lunch. Then drove our 1974 Porsche three hours back home. I have to say that this tiny car with inadequate power, put any hesitation I might of had about it to rest. In fact, I wish I had driven a 914 twenty years ago…GREAT FUN!!

   After search the internet for the past couple months, Heather and I use what little savings we had to purchase a good condition, running, driving, car to fix up and flip. Over the next few or several months I am going to document the purchasing a classic car for the purpose of flipping. From the initial purchase, to setting goals that you wish to achieve with the project, to detailed evaluation of the car, and explaining the work that will need to be done to the vehicle to reach your goals. Then finally answering the big question can you achieve your goals with the car you just purchased.

Because of recent experience, we decided that we could not afford to restore a Porsche 911within our budget. But we could afford to purchase a running driving Porsche 914, and fix it up, and flip it for profit or can we? Let find out.

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